Monday, October 20, 2008

Marc Jacobs - Experience Background 03

Marc Jacobs worked in companies like Perry Eills and Louis Vuitton. They are both called as classic brands.

Perry Eills is a famous brand in America from mid-1970s. It started as a fashionable sportswear house and then launched sportswear, womenswear and menswear. The chief designer Perry Eills himself was called as "the ideal American sportswear designer of the time " because of the clean-cut yet casual style. Its Menswear Collection was widely successful, and marked by "non-traditional, modern classics". That is how he created the "new classics".

Perry Eills may be one of the factors for the strong American feeling in Marc Jacobs' collection. The simple cutting and using only few colours in a set of clothing are both characters of Perry Eills and Marc Jacobs.

For Louis Vuitton, not to mention its supreme fame in fashion industry, is a French luxury fashion and leather goods brand. It was admired as the most counterfeited contemporary classics by mature ladies all around the world for years. Its pale-brown and continuous pattern can be easily recognised.

Louis Vuitton has been the classics from france to the whole world. Its brand image is elegant, luxury and feeling of understated. It seems that Marc Jacobs wanted to create classics in a new and novelty forms. In his recent collection, he talked about elegant and noble. Moreover, he was fame for gaving 50s to 70s classics reborn!

The colours of Marc Jacobs are either monochromatic or have eye-catching effects, but none of them cause any uncomfortable or unpleasant visual images. That is how classics work with colours.

Marc Jabcobs Fall 2007 Runway Show - Fashion Indie wikipedia

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