Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Marc Jacobs - 2004 F/W Women RTW - Colour analysis

Colour palette

The colour used in 2004 fall women RTW has greater variety then the previous season. The colour matchs the trend of jewel of that year. Colour variation is great. Metallic Colours are hot for fall 2004. Colours to choose from for 2004 fall include
dusty apricot, old gold, mustard yellow, honey, yellow gold, banana cream, burnt ochre, camel, stone, sepia, rose, coral, lavender, sky blue etc. Also, green is hit in this season for using many shades. Choose from persian green, viridian etc.

Colour wheel

In this collection, it can be said to be split complementary scheme. It uses a color and the two colors adjacent to its complementary. Blue-green, yellow-orange, red-orange are the main hue being used. These three kinds of colour are the six tertiary colour. With the shifting of the value, a great variety of colours are ultilized for this collection.

Marc Jacobs uses a single cool color against a range of warm colors to put an emphasis on the cool color (blue-green versus brown yellow and orange red).

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