Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marc Jacobs - 2006 F/W Women RTW - Analysis

"It's about the places I've been, the people I know, world leaders, and winter," MJ said. Many people said it was about grunge though, a reprise of the seminal collection that lost him his job at Perry Ellis back in 1992. well, we never know, but the colors simply created this feeling.

The checks of khali, brown and bluish grey make the pattern classics and young.Dark shade of grey, greyish blue and brown were used, matching sometimes with metallic boots or crimson skirt to make it revolutionary. the overall collection was so grey.

In match with dark military green, metallic brown and leopard print of bright yellowish-brown and black. Leopard print of shocking pink and black was also used too.the complementary matching of khali, military green and white was good-looking and harmonious and down-to-earth.

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