Sunday, October 12, 2008

Marc Jacobs - 2008 S/S Men RTW - Analysis

Marc Jacobs --- Men Summer Spring 08 Ready-to-wear

First impression to this collection is "cool". It seems that Marc Jacobs wants to bring out a high-end fashion style. Achromatic schemes are used as the colour tone of the clothing. You can see that black, white, different brightness of grey and also beige are used as the main colours. The monochromatic colour scheme of black to white provides the simplicity and ease for matching.
.Black and grey can give a sense of dignity.
For the black and grey colour tone, only variation in shades and tints of black is used for colour plan. It is effective to contribute a harmonious feeling to connect the whole collection even though there are some highlight colours. As it is in the summer spring season, colour from natural are selected such as sharp pink of follwer and green from grass, providing a sense of happiness and lively.
According to the principle of the novelty, harmony quickly becomes boring and that's the reason why fancy colour such as fluorescence pink is used to highlight the garment. It can draw attention to the total outfit by the combination of colours. Very sharp and different colours are used for combination while at the same time black and white make as the neutralization to bring out the harmony even though fancy and distinctive colours are added.
Secondly, with reference to the principle of resemblance, colours harmonize more when the differences between them are less. That's why monochromatic colour is chosen as it is no variation in hue but has difference lightness.
Furthermore, a sequence of colour can be observed from this collection for light colour is mainly used for the top of the garments and black is usually used for the bottom part of garments. It is taken for granted that the eyes are in the direction of progression when looking at this collection.

In this year, market is focusing on catering the sophisticated urban style. A metropolitan look is offered from this collection as the palettes contributing a modernity combining with simplicity which are catered by the men's market.

In conclude, monochromatic colour are used for providing and metropolitan feeling to the customers and it is a trend and commonly adapted by difference brands during this season.

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