Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marc Jacobs - 2006 S/S and F/W Women RTW - Comparison

Although in S/S the color were softer, both of the collection tended to use cool colors in dark shades. Colors used in S/S were repeated used in F/W, e.g. black, grey, white, military green, brown, khali and red. It appeared that MJ was quite fond of those colors. since the theme of the two collection were a bit related (both revolutionary), the color choice were related as well.

Nevertheless, the 2 collections gave different feelings on runway. Guess why, it was contributed much by the background decoration. In S/S it was fancy purple and pink which made the atomsphere cherish and feminine. In F/W it was grey and dark, and it made people feel formal, cool a little bit grunge.

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