Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marc Jacobs - 2006 S/S+F/W Women RTW - Comparison with compeitor

Christian Dior 2006 F/W

Color:black,white, dark brown, crimsonmetallic colorsfabrics:leather, silk, satin, fur
Comparison: when CD focused on several colors, MJ seemed to stick to his favourite grey and black throughout the whole collection. the color for MJ were softer and more comfortable for eyes while those of CD were more eye-catching and metallic.
Christian Dior 2006 S/S
Color: flesh color, champagne, pinkish purple, yellowish khaki, brown,yellowish green, pale purple, orangefabrics: silk
Comparison: both of the collections used soft fabrics such as silk. and both flesh color and khaki were used. nevertheless MJ were fond of Navy Blue and tried some metallic color such as silver.

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