Sunday, October 19, 2008

Marc Jacobs - 2009 S/S Women RTW - Analysis 2 (Colour description)

The colour of the women 2009 spring-summer RTW are easily to predict. Floral, checked, striped of complicated print are the design element in the previous season, which is 2008 fall-winter. It is obvious that the spring-summer follow the trend that natural colour are used and lots of colour are used for the reference of the design element of last season.

Colour Palatte

Natutal colours such as black, brown, yellow ,green, blue,red can be seen in this collection.
Notice thats in this season, Marc Jacobs use three primary colours plus three secondary colours
as the domain of the colour.

The colours used are colourful, where super lemon, salmon rose, rose dust, fushia red, sapphire etc. are applied. Also, due to different fabric used, there are different saturation of the colours and makes the colour of the collection richer.
Colour Wheel

In this year, both cool and warm colours are used balancely.
Also, achromatic colours are also used in this season.

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