Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marc Jacobs - 2006 S/S Women RTW - Analysis

The theme of the 2006 S/S collection was teenage angustit started by a series of student uniforms in deep blue and and white. Much deep blue are used in jackets, one-piece matching black pants or shoes. It was followed by what he called ' blown-up american classics'.deep blue matching grey,red matching grey, matching of different shades of grey...etc

The colors used in the whole collection were mostly darker in shades.military green was used , matching brown and khali. Apart from different shades of black grey and white, golden and silver colors were often applied .

The color especially noticed included pale greyish violet and champagne color.

In this season, deep blue, black, grey , military green, khali and brown were the main colors, while gold, silver, yellow, white, and red being the colors of accessories, or supporting colors.

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