Thursday, November 27, 2008

Written report

In this project, we would like to conduct the colour forecasting of the brand, Marc Jacobs. The collections from 2003 to 2009 S/S are picked up for the analysis.

At the initial stage of the semester, without a little knowledge to the colour theory, i found that it is hard to undergo the analysis. Since lots of colour, which look almost the "same", are applied on the whole collections for every years, i felt confused. It seems that every years are the same and no specific outcome can be concluded.

However, when time goes, i learn more about the colour theory, knowing that hue and colour are different! For hue refers to a pure color, while colour can be a same hue of different tint, shade, value, saturation! I started to analyze the collections differently, not only by how many hue, but also focus on the differences on value, saturation, tint and shade. I analyzed the 2004 and 2009 S/S collections, by applying the colour theory to make conclusion. I extracted the colour palette from the clothing and plotted the colour on the colour wheels to show the distribution of the colour each year. It is interesting to notice that some patterns can be observed, such as complementary, analogy etc. I learn how to apply colour harmoniously for the whole collection base on these theory now.

Before the presentation of the group researh, we wrongly thought that black, grey and white are the colours that Marc Jacobs likes to ultilize. In fact, it seems to be a MUST in every other brands too. It is because the brand need to care about each of its customers for the commercial reason. Some people may feel awful to accept a new colour combination, or they just want to locate at the safety point. As a result, i found that achromatic colour is less worthy to analyze and turned back my focus to the colour with saturation.

While predicting the F/W collection of 2009, i also found that not only the data collected can have effect on the colour forecasting, but also the social culture, designer background, countries etc. Also, while predicting the colour, we should also think of what we want to express. It should be lots of consideration, like" Why i choose this colour?", "What colours i am using?", "How to combine the colour in one single outfit or even a whole collection?", "Which tone should i use in a single hue?", " Who should i design for?", "In which occassion they will dress?"............. Also, we have to deal with the relationship and ratio between each colour since it can affect the whole feeling of the collection. For more detailed, please see the post "Colour forcasting of fashion trend of Marc Jacobs 2009 F/W Women RTW (1) & (2) on 8th & 27th November.

In this collection, i would like to bring out a feeling of sedate. It is sure that the economic crisis have the big impact on the globe. So that the people would be down for the coming year. For the fabric, knitted wear are mostly used to show the the feeling of sedate. However, i would like to use warm colour to show the optimist towards this challenge. Also, flare is used for each single outfit to balance the feeling of sedate. Therefore, complementary are used in this collection for the harmony of colour.

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