Saturday, November 8, 2008

Colour forcasting of fashion trend of Marc Jacobs 2009 F/W Women RTW (1)

With reference to the conclusion of Marc Jacobs Women RTW from 2003 to 2009 S/S, a fashion trend can be predicted.

Let me quote some of the conclusion before.
(1) More hues are used for recent year
(2) Achromatic colors : black, white and grey must be present in each season's collection
(3) A simple combination is adopted. for each outfit,the no. of colour is usually not more than 3.
(4) MJ likes to use artificial colors.
(5) MJ uses colors of high saturation every season, but the amount decreases in recent seasons.
(6) Spring and Fall colors are related. the colors used in Fall collection are usually the colors of spring collection in a lower value (with shade).
(7) There is a trend that MJ tends to use colors in lower values.
(8) MJ loves lavender , violet, brilliant red, turquoise, yellowish brown, khaki. they almost appear in every collection. BLACK, WHITE, GREY are the must.

There are some explanation for the conclusion.
Colour scheme with more hue is used since nowaday consumers have an increasing cultural unity and personal commitments to have a better environment. People is becoming more optimistic and they are more receptive to bright, layered colors, contrasted with earthy, neutral tones.

For the achromatic colour, they MUST be presented in each collection due to the comerical reason. Each people have difference perception to the colours. For some people they may like the colour that someone hate most. It is common for different people to accept different colours. As a result, black and white colour must be presents due to the colourless. It is easy for mix and match. Also, people do not need to worry about the wrong matching of colour. For consumer, they can buy the clothing with no reason for lacking of the colour they like.

So, in conclusion, for the fall-winter of 2009, there is a high tendency of high number of hues used in his collection. Artifical colours such as salmon rose, rose dust, fushia red, sapphire, violet will still be used for the following season but with a lower value. However, light colour likes lavender, super lemon may not be used.

Also, we should also base on the social issues to make the colour forecasting.

I notice that there are some societal trends, with the first one is the optimist. People have begun to take personal responsibility for environmental issues, making positive changes to improve the world we share. As a result, colour scheme with greater hue is used to show the positive feeling which mean life is colourful and beautiful. Also, strong saturated hues including sapphire, pumpking orange and leap green. Each color is strong and independent, but works well when balanced with other colors in the palette. The colour scheme comes up with flashy and bright accents originating from the hope of human.

Also, due to the present of the global financial crisis, there would be a great chance of the designers to use colour tone with lower value to presnet the sad feeling.

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