Saturday, November 1, 2008

Class exercise 1

Here is the first class exercise.
I was requrired to colour the following fashion collections by applying colour theories and principles.
Here is the collection before listening to robert's recommendation of the colour used.

Description and explanations:

Achromatic schemes are used as the colour tone of the clothing, where black, grey and white are used. It is also a kind of monochromatic colour scheme. This is used for its simplicity and also easy to match. Black seems to be a safety colour for most of the colour to prevent wrong matching. Also, it can give the model to look more slender. The colour tone is very commerical.

After listened to robert's introduction to the usage of the 6-blocks colour, i applied the other colour scheme to the collection.

Description and explanations:

Previously I neglect of the skin's colour of the model. We should care about the skin colour of the model too. Notice that sharp colour and light colour can have a great contrast with the tone of the skin, which is black, to emphasis on both of the model and the clothing. We should also aware about the season of dressing. Imaging that it is in the occassion of summer, which is a very hot and sunny day, then warm colour such as red, orange and yellow are used. Analogous colour scheme is used by applying the 6-blocks colouration to create a sense of harmony.

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