Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Class exercise 2

Here is the class exercise no. 2 which required student to colour the following fashion boutique by applying the colour theories and principles.

Here is the classwork at the initial stage of the lesson.

Descriptions and explanations:

Brown is the colour tone of this boutique to give a natural feeling. An animal skin is used as the carpet of this fashion boutique, so a natural colour tone is used to give a coherence to the carpet used. White is used as the floor to give a sense of fresh feeling to prevent over use of the deep colur inside the boutique. Principle of familiarity is adapted to this boutique as it is pleasing and readily accepted. Brown colour of the wood, light brown of wood , yellow of the flower centre, white of the cloud are all extracted from the natural environment.

Here is the class exercise before the end of class.

Descriptions and explanations:
Like many other high fashion boutique, plain style should be used in order to step out the focus, which is the products. The interior design of the boutique should not be too dull or dark in order to emphasis the products. Following the theme of natural, the natural colours as mentioned before are also used but with a tint colour. The overall colour saturation used is reduced so that a lighter feeling is promoted.

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