Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just a start!

It is the first time to type blog other than using Xanga and also type in all formal english.
This blog is the digitial lablog to record all the research process about colour theory. I hope that it is a long lasting blog whenever i finish this course after this semester. :)

Just finish the lecture today, i have learn about what is colour. The answer is quite surprise, colour is just an illusion. If we think scientifically, it is true that colour doesn't care any other meaning. Colour is just a combination of the wavelength of visible spectrum. However, as a people with emotional feeling, colour itself is not an illusion. It is a feeling, emotional expression, and also a tool for communication. That's just a superior feeling towards the concept about the colour according to me, who is the freshman to learn about the colour. Maybe my tranditional concept will be altered soon!:P~

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